Our Capacities


Financial Capacity

The financial policies and procedures have been designed in a way which ensures effective management of financial resources of “For a Healthy Albania”. Lately with the help of SOROS, REC (Dutch Embassy) and Municipality of Elbasan and lately from SIDA, the project that was funded from Partnership in Health for the Western Balkan Program, the association has developed balance and progressive management financial system.

The board together with the main donors appraises the financial management, internal source control and the financial calculations.

The annual budget is prepared in the framework designed by Partnership in Health and it is presented by the manager to the Board.

The association has bank account in Lek/Euro/Dollar in the National Commerce Bank of Albania, Elbasan Branch for the operation in the projects financed from donor organizations. All bank checks and transfers are approved from the Executive Director and Economic Manager. The financial representative keeps a fund of 1,000 Euros as a savings. The economic records are kept in Alpha program. The vouchers are used for keeping records of financial records of the organization.

The association prepares monthly expenditure reports and transaction reports whicha are being assessed form the Donor Financial Department. “For a Healthy Albania” is able to prepare project budgets, assure physical aid and social insurance for the employees, to exchange money in time and assure financial records and reports.


Technical Capacity

“For a Healthy Albania” aims to promote community efficient living ways and lobbying for higher standards of health for the social sub-groups. The highly disciplined staff its composed by a pediatricians, epidemiologists, obstetricians, social workers and an accountant. There are two full time persons and five part time ones. The staff is sensitive for applying the social model and tries to promote the most appropriate support according to the needs of each case. All the staff is specialized in the field of medical training and harmful consequences. The interns are parents, students, family members who offer their time and commitment. The association is working closely with the Medical Center of Elbasan, the Faculty of Nursery of Elbasan, Women’s Forum and World Vision and the community. The association is open for collaborations with other health, social, and environments issues and has developed good relationships with schools, medical centers, NGOs, social workers, community and also people who have particular interest in this field.

Managerial Capacity

“For a Healthy Albania”, is an organization without membership leaded by the board, which is the highest organ of the association. The board members review the policies and procedures of the association, take decisions on the financial issues and manage all the other issues. The Board is composed out of seven members who have different backgrounds and have different professions with a particular interest in problems related to health and society. The Board of the Directors it is represented by persons with working experience in specialized institutions like The Central Medical Center (the executive director and head of the pediatric department), The National Institute of Public Health (vice-director and head of the reproductive health in the National Institute of Public Health). The executive director carries out the general management of the Association, helps the board in taking decisions, and assures the efficient expenditure of the funds, deals with recruitment of the employees. The Executive Director is member of the board and other partners. The roles and responsibilities of the Coordinator of “For a Healthy Albania” are to plan, organize and lead the implementation of the program group for the mobilization and support local NGOs in the area of social and health problem in the prefecture of Elbasan and further. The Board meets at least four times per year. This allows members to discuss, review, monitor and approve the annual work program, endure the appropriate and effective usage of funds and to develop strategies and short-term and long-term policies. The association has developed written procedures for monitoring, budget planning, fund usage and policies for the financial reports.

Staff Policies

The policy of the general staff is in accordance with the Albanian Labor Law. The association ensures that its staff is equipped in high levels of qualifications and professional competencies required for achieving the objectives set for the project.

The recruitment and depose of the staff is in alignment with the transparency, competitive and sustainability principles. The Executive Director sets the annual evaluation of the staffs’ development during the time, reflects for the happened events and identifies the capacity building staff priorities. The association keeps folders for each employee that works on part-time or full-time. The professional staff of the association is well-trained and has the appropriate capacities and skills.

Our Mission & Vision



Mission of  “For a Healthy Albania”

Mission of “For a Healthy Albania” is to work for the improvement of the medical care and environmental protection, as basic right of people for all Albanians without discrimination of faith, income or housing, by improving the medical culture in all groups and ages of society and as a required level of living condition.



Vision of “For a Healthy Albania”

Vision of “For a Healthy Albania”, is to increase the level of the medical culture in all levels of society, raise awareness for the prevention of risk factors for the actual diseases and level of environmental pollution.

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