Improving medical care and sexually behaviors.


Environmental Projects

Cleaning and protecting our environment.


Help out as Volunteer

Together for a better world!

Causes for Concern

Our Capacities

Financial, Technical and Managerial Capacity

The financial policies and procedures have been designed in a way which ensures effective management of financial resources of “For a Healthy Albania”.

“For a Healthy Albania” aims to promote community efficient living ways and lobbying for higher standards of health for the social sub-groups.

“For a Healthy Albania”, is an organization without membership leaded by the board, which is the highest organ of the association.

The road we traveled so far


Early Detection and Prevention of Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer


Prevention of HIV/AIDS AND STI diseases among uniformed services


Promotion and protection of the National Park Shebenik Jablanica.


Ongoing education for physician and nursing staff.

We take care of

Protecting the environment

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All Range of the Society

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Human Resource

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